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Well maintained books of accounts is important for any business to be successful. A good understanding of the income generated and expenses incurred will give the business owner ideas on how to minimize expenses and maximize the business profits. Valley CPA Servces will handle the monthly/quarterly/annual accounting so you can focus on your business. We also help prepare and file all required Form 1099’s.


Efficient, accurate and timely processing of payroll is an integral part of your business. We help small business with processing their payroll, set up direct deposits, make Federal and state tax payments and filing the quarterly and annual payroll forms.

Sales Tax

Sales tax requirements is now more complex after the Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota V. Wayfair. Many states have also adopted the Economic Nexus. Valley CPA Services will help you understand the sales tax filing and reporting requirements. We also help apply for the state licenses and file sales tax returns in multiple states.


Valley CPA Services can help set up the chart of accounts and train you to use QuickBooks. We can also help with the review on as needed basis.

Tax Preparation

We prepare both simple and complex tax returns, including multi-state returns. We prepare the following tax returns:

  • Individual – Resident and Non-resident Returns 

  • C-Corporation 

  • S-Corporation 

  • Partnership 

  • Gift Tax 

Tax Planning 

No one likes to pay more taxes than required. We provide various tax planning strategies to help reduce taxes for both individuals and businesses. We help with tax forecasting and planning to ensure that you and your business are on the right track in paying your estimated taxes and avoid getting hit with penalties.

Foreign Income & Bank Account Reporting

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for individuals and businesses to have interest in foreign entities, bank accounts, investments including rental real estate in different countries. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important to make sure you are in compliance with US tax filings in order to avoid getting hit with penalties. We will make sure that required tax forms are accurately filed.

Entity Formation

We will help in structuring the best type of entity that suits your requirements. We help in the entity formation including the following –

  1. Preparation and filing of articles of organization/incorporation. 

  2. Apply for Federal Employer Identification Number.

  3. Apply for all required state and local license and permits.

  4. File S-Corp election or entity classification forms.

Gifts and Inheritance

Gifts made in excess of the annual exemption amounts have to be reported on the gift tax returns. We will help prepare and file the gift tax returns.

When a US person receives gifts or inheritance from a foreign person, it may be subject to reporting. We will help you file and report all the required tax forms.

IRS Representation

We will talk to IRS on your behalf and support you in the event of an IRS audit or notice.

ITIN Services

Valley CPA Service is IRS approved Certifying Acceptance Agent. Please contact us if you want to apply or renew your ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). We are authorized to authenticate and certify the copies of your identification documents and submit with your ITIN application. You are not required to mail the original identification documents to IRS, if the ITIN application is submitted by us. 


ITIN is issued to individuals and foreign persons who are not eligible to apply for SSN.

Our Services

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